Customer: Brivio & Viganò

The Company's core business is the storage of temperature controlled products such as fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and canned goods. A strong feature is its nationwide distribution, that operates through a widespread and logistics network, consisting of company owned warehouses and operational transit Points.

Location: Pozzuolo Martesana (MI)

Building type: build-to-suit

Area: 29,600 square meters


Objectives: To create a modern, sustainable and energy-efficient logistics hub to host controlled below zero temperature refrigeration plants

Methodology: Employment of an innovative sustainable approach 

Prologis has successfully used a sustainable approach  when constructing this building. LED lighting in the cells and solar panels above office space were utilized in order to reduce the logistics carbon footprint and obtain the Leed "Gold" certification.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee maximum operational efficiency and versatility, the entire structure was carefully designed in accordance with Brivio & Viganò workflows.

Result: A Modern and Efficient Logistics Platform

In order to support its development strategy, Brivio & Viganò has created a technologically advanced and sustainable logistics center near the city of Milan. The platform provides customized services to clients operating both in the food industry as well as in the food retailing.

The logistics hub comprises a Class A building with storage facilities measuring 29,600 square meters, out of which 2,100 square meters are designated to office space. It also houses independently controlled refrigerated cells (temperatures ranging from -27 to +8 degrees Celsius), according to the product type. The section dedicated to frozen foods occupies 11,700 square meters, while the remaining 10,500 square meters are dedicated to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Energy is supplied through an advanced Trigeneration or combined cooling, heat and power  (CCHP), guaranteeing highly efficient energy and heat production, while ensuring a reduction in the electricity bill. Solar panels have also been installed above office areas to further optimize electricity production.

The beam height is 12 meters in areas with no refrigeration cells, thus allowing the storage of a greater number of pallets than a standard structure of 10 meters height. Even in the areas housing the refrigeration cells, the  beam height is always above 10 meters. The fresh produce section can accommodate 31,000 standard pallets. Storage areas are highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured to meet new customer’s needs  or else to respond to new business opportunities.

With this highly customized building, Prologis has provided Brivio & Viganò with its first build-to-suit (BTS) development.


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