Team Prologis Italia at IMPACT Day 2022

Team Prologis Italia at IMPACT Day 2022

On Friday 13 May, the 10th Prologis IMPACT Day was held. Since 2013, Prologis has been devoting one day a year to volunteering, and IMPACT Day is properly back in 2022 after two years of events organised remotely due to the pandemic. IMPACT stands for, Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage and Teamwork – the values we all share during this special day dedicated to helping others.


IMPACT Day 2017 with Mani Tese

The fifth IMPACT Day took place on 19 May 2017, a day dedicated every year to service in all the countries where Prologis operates. The Italy team met in Monza with Mani Tese, a non-governmental organization founded in 1964 to combat hunger and inequalities between the North and South of the world.

With help from thousands of individuals, Mani Tese coordinates projects in 17 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America—with educational initiatives to raise awareness about interculture, peace and sustainable development. Armed with buckets and brushes, Prologis’ Italy team whitewashed the site for a flea market that supports the association’s projects.

Social Responsibility Fast Facts for 2021

  • 12,786 volunteer hours to local communities
  • 178M square feet of certified sustainable space—equivalent to 2,300 soccer fields.
  • 88 months of rent-free space to 15 non profits
Data as of March 31, 2021