The Prologis Approach to ESG

At Prologis, we’re building a sustainable future today. Our ESG efforts create value for our business by driving innovation, deepening relationships, reducing our capital costs, expanding customer offerings and strengthening our position as an employer of choice.

We maximize our impact by focusing on four strategic approaches:

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Environmental Stewardship

We implement sustainable solutions that advance environmental performance and benefit our customers and communities.


Social Responsibility

We promote the well-being of our stakeholders to strengthen the long-standing relationships that are the foundation of our success.

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Governance, Compliance & Ethics

We uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Sustainability Report Archive

Prologis has published annual sustainability reports since 2006.

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Our 2021 annual report shows that our scale, reach and unique growth differentiators are setting us apart. We have long made the shift from responsiveness to readiness and are in a position to offer industry-leading service for our customers and maximum returns for our shareholders and investors

2020 Sustainability Report

2020 ESG Impact Report

Our annual sustainability report details our progress, updates our data and metrics, and aligns with sustainability reporting frameworks. We also make public important policies that guide our ESG efforts.

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2019 ESG Impact Report

Prologis, Inc. (NYSE: PLD), the global leader in logistics real estate, today released its 2019 ESG Impact Report. The report summarizes Prologis' advancements in environmental stewardship, social...

Prologis Capelin Distribution Center

2018 ESG Impact Report

The 2018 ESG Impact Report exemplifies our long-standing commitment to ESG as a competitive differentiator that helps us better serve our customers, deliver value to our business and stay ahead of what’s next.

2017 Sustainability Report

2017 Prologis Sustainability Report

The 2017 Prologis Sustainability Report demonstrates how in a world changing at speed, Prologis is forward looking, nimble and resilient.

2016 Sustainability Report

2016 Prologis Sustainability Report

Tenth annual sustainability report reflects longstanding dedication to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and corporate governance

2015 Sustainability Report

2015 Prologis Sustainability Report

Delivering on our longstanding commitment to minimize the environmental impacts of our business and development activities.

2014 Sustainability Report

2014 Prologis Sustainability Report

Our shared and enduring commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance has a direct and positive impact on the health of our communities.

2013 ESG Impact Report

2013 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

In 2013, we further advanced our sustainability efforts. We reduced our environmental impact, launched a global day of service and strengthened our governance standards.

2012 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

2012 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

Our social responsibility programs further enhance the communities where we live and work.

2011 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

2011 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

At the outset of the AMB/ProLogis merger, we defined the core values that we believe exemplify the Prologis culture.

2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

2010 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is fundamental to the way we define success, and it will continue to guide our actions into the future.

2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

2009 Prologis Corporate Responsibility Report

Our unwavering commitment to green building practices continued in 2009.

2008 Prologis Sustainability Report

2008 Prologis Sustainability Report

We are focused on improving the energy efficiency of the existing facilities in our portfolio.

2007 Prologis Sustainability Report

2007 Prologis Sustainability Report

At Prologis, sustainability is a business approach that balances environmental, societal and economic objectives. 

2006 Prologis Sustainability Report

2006 Prologis Sustainability Report

Sustainability has long been central to our way of doing business at Prologis. 


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