A more welcoming and comfortable logistics park, with new facilities that meet the needs of park-based employees and visitors. This was the aim of the initiatives carried out as part of our PARKlife™ philosophy at Prologis Park Romentino: we commissioned a number of urban artworks to improve the aesthetic appearance of the buildings, as well as adding new and high-quality places to eat and eco-sustainable street furniture where park employees can spend their breaks and meet their colleagues. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing site that offers a range of additional facilities and provides the people who work there with more opportunities for socialising.

A recent research project conducted on our behalf by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan at Prologis Park Lodi showed how the introduction of urban art has been positively received by park-based employees and visitors, both in terms of improving the look of the park and making them feel less tired at the end of the day. Moreover, the provision of new outdoor facilities has helped to reduce general work-related stress, and in particular, had a positive impact on motivation and relationships. Overall, the changes we have made have significantly improved well-being, as perceived by people working at and visiting the park.

These results are why Prologis Park Romentino now also has six large artworks created by the internationally renowned Italian artists PEETA, Joys, Made, Etnik, Dado and HEMO. The artworks break up the form of the buildings, interposing angles and generating 3D effects. Covering a total surface area of 800 square metres, the works were inspired by some key words provided by us, such as “nature”, “sustainability” and “commitment”, to highlight the relationship between man and nature at this specific moment in history, and are notable for their different interpretative styles.

Colour is not only fundamental to our lives; it also plays a very important role in the cognitive development of children. For children, drawing means play, expression and communication. It satisfies our need for fun, emotion and excitement, and provides a space and an outlet for emotions and thoughts that are often difficult to express in words. This is why Prologis wanted to combine the inauguration of the urban artworks with an authentic creative workshop for 10-year olds from local Romentino schools. In partnership with the Department for Education and Club delle Mamme, around 70 school students have been invited to participate in a morning of creative activities with a focus on art and recycling.

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