IMPACT DAY 2023: our Italian team volunteers at two community initiatives


The Prologis Italia team spent this year’s IMPACT DAY helping out at two important “ONLUS” (non-profit organisations of social utility) initiatives: in Milan at Pane Quotidiano, an association founded in 1898 to provide basic food items for free to anyone who needs them, every day of the year; and in Bologna at Antoniano, which since 1954 has also promoted social and artistic activities as well as providing food.

This was the 11th edition of the Prologis IMPACT Day. Since 2013, Prologis employees all over the world have been dedicating one day a year to volunteering. IMPACT stands for, Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage and Teamwork – the values we all share on this special day dedicated to helping others.

In Milan, Sandro, Margaryta, Sabine, Giusy, Maria, Maria Teresa, Rossana, Gabriele, Filippo, Marco and Dea arrived bright and early at the premises of Pane Quotidiano in Viale Toscana and gave out meals to the people in need who form a queue outside the building every morning. They then worked alongside some 150 volunteers to pack boxes containing food and essential non-food items for the following day, thereby making an active contribution to the work of the association, which helps more than 3,500 people every day from its two locations in Milan.

Our team in Bologna, meanwhile, spent the day volunteering at Antoniano. After learning about the social commitments of the association, Martina, Esin, Davide, Giacomo, Luca, Marco, Daniele and Matteo went to the cafeteria, which is open 365 days a year, to give out free meals to the 200 people or so who visit Antoniano every day.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity that Prologis has given me to participate in the IMPACT Day. Dedicating, as a company, one day of work a year has helped me appreciate, once again, the importance of supporting those in need. It doesn't need to be a big statement, it's often just the simplest things, like serving a hot meal, or a smile or a kind word, that can make the difference to the day of someone in difficulty", said Matteo Liccioli, Essentials Solutions Manager, who recently joined Prologis Italy and was therefore attending his first IMPACT Day.

IMPACT DAY 2023: our Italian team volunteers at two community initiatives


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