A few days ago, we delivered a second build-to-suit Class A facility to DB Schenker Italia, our long-standing customer at Bologna Interporto.

The DC19 covers an area of 6,250 square metres, with 5,750 square metres of warehouse space and around 500 square metres of offices. The building has a beam height of 12 metres, while its floor has a load-bearing capacity of 5 tonnes per square metre. Warehouses pose a significant challenge in terms of fire protection, since these buildings generally have a high fire load. In addition to goods, they contain other items or materials that are highly flammable. To minimise the risks, warehouses must be equipped with fire prevention, alarm and extinguishing systems.

In this case, given the type of goods that would be stored at the warehouse, the customer had requested a particular type of fire protection system with sprinklers positioned in between the shelving units.

Outside, the new logistics facility has eight main doors, six loading bays, two charging stations for electric vehicles, and one for bicycles. Green spaces have been created in the area around the building, along with rainwater collection basins. 

LED lighting systems and a 15 kWp photovoltaic system that will serve the offices also contribute to the sustainability of the building, which has LEED® Silver and ISO 14001 certification. In addition, a BMS (Building Management System) system will make it possible to manage all of the building's technology-based functions, such as lighting, energy consumption and a VRV (Variant Refrigerant Volume) system to regulate the internal temperature of the facility as well as ventilation speeds. 

The new build-to-suit facility was designed using BIM (Building Information Management) modelling, and its construction was completed in nine months by GSE Italy. This is the second fully digitised facility built by Prologis at Bologna Interporto.

"I am delighted to have delivered my first building to such an important customer. I am also very pleased with the partnership we established with DB Schenker and the teams involved in the project, and grateful for the support I received from my colleagues Davide Rosina and Giacomo Gambaiani" said Francesca Parnanzone, Operations Construction Manager at Prologis Italy. "We have managed to deliver a modern, high-quality building, on time and on budget, while also paying close attention to sustainability. The projects that we are developing at Bologna Interporto represent more than just the construction of logistics buildings, and we are very proud of what is being achieved there", commented Sandro Innocenti, Senior Vice President and Country Manager at Prologis Italia.


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