Prologis has recently launched an ambitious energy efficiency program in Italy and the rest of the world, involving the renovation of the lighting systems in all its buildings.

“The program has two important aims,” explained Claudia Montanari, Prologis Italia Real Estate and Customer Experience Director. “On the one hand, we intend to pursue our sustainability goals by fitting all our buildings with new generation lighting systems that ensure much lower energy consumption than the previous ones, and thus reduce our carbon footprint. On the other hand, thanks to the new LED systems, we will provide our customers with more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and much safer working environments.”

The program, launched by Prologis in 2019, provides for the installation of latest generation LED lamps equipped with presence detectors in buildings built before 2016. The reduction in consumption is ensured both by LED technology and by sensors which automatically adapt the intensity of the light to the presence of people in the premises. Working conditions inside buildings are also improved as brightness levels are above standards set by regulations and market norms. This results in both increased safety and greater productivity.

“One of the strengths of the program,” Montanari explained “lies in the fact that customers do not have to make any capital investment. The investment is entirely met by Prologis. The program, which we plan to complete by 2021, also allows us to continue to maintain all our buildings in optimal operating conditions, thus protecting their value over time."

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