What happens when you move past traditional prescriptive behaviours, requirements and company policies and focus on building trust instead?

In this Industry Movers podcast, Virginia Colurcio (VP People & Culture Europe), Simone Pereira (Talent Acquisition) and Olympia Barysz (Director, HR Business Partner) unveil what’s behind Prologis Europe’s philosophy towards Prologis’ People & Culture.

Key themes:


“When you build an exception to the rule you make a new rule and where does that end?” – Virginia Colurcio

Our philosophy builds on a commitment to move away from traditional prescriptive behaviours, requirements and company policies, to individual accountability and co-creation at all levels of the organization. Aims focus on inspiring to lead through example and to help people reach their full potential.

“There is so much a company can do. For example, when someone asks: can you just send an email around saying that people shouldn't book meetings after six o'clock? We give people the flexibility and freedom to decide when and where they work. With that freedom comes responsibility. Declining those meetings and being clear about it is an act of selfcare, which we expect from you. This is the level of leadership we are working on every day”- Virginia Colurcio.


With change comes an understanding that leadership evolution is necessary to answer the challenges of the future. Within People & Culture sits a leadership philosophy that takes on coaching as a way to help people ask the right questions instead of providing them with standard answers. Giving and receiving open feedback is part of this, and key to keep listening, learning and getting better.

“In a recent meeting, a coordinator approached me and asked if she could share something with me. I said, sure, it is the culture we are building. She told me, you came across very chaotic in the meeting. To which I responded, oh, tell me more. When you hear this kind of thing from your peers, it’s good because you can only get better. I always say it's a gift.”, Virginia Colurcio.

Psychological Wellbeing

Essential to our philosophy is honouring trustworthy and safe environments where free and honest conversation can take place. By creating opportunities for people to speak up, we are engaging in active inclusion practices while  walking the talk.

“We are a part of this huge organization and team and, of course, offer custom trainings and programmes. However, what really helps shift the culture is to open up, learn about others, how they feel and look at certain things. So, what we have done over the past year especially, is opening up such conversations. This has proved decisive.” - Olympia Barysz

There is a real need to move away from the culture “handbook” and to be more open to co-creating meaningful relationships at work. Prologis People & Culture is mapping the way to empower employees with the trust they deserve, enabling them to experiment, to become and own the culture they want to be part of.


Every connection starts with a conversation. Our team is here to help.