With paint brushes, rollers and spray cans, works by the artists ETNIK, FONT, HITNES, MADE, MACS, SEA CREATIVE, JOYS and VESOD are taking shape at an incredible pace at Prologis Park Lodi.

However, it is not only the speed with which the artists are producing their works that is surprising, it's the scale. Rising to a height of 12 metres, transformed into flat walls thanks to the tricks of perspective – the water tanks nod to the work of Andy Warhol in quirky juxtapositions that bring to life multidimensional works that contrast with dreamlike backdrops where the protagonist is nature. The integration of green elements in the murals painted on a wall that stands 10 metres high and stretches 30 metres wide makes the works appear three-dimensional.

You only realise the size of these works when you see the artists at work in front of them.

But how have the people who work at the logistics park reacted to the transformation under way?

"To begin with, I didn't really understand what was happening, then out of curiosity, I started sitting on the ground in my lunch break to watch the works progressing. I have to say, though, that it's pretty incredible."

"I've been coming to the logistics park to load and unload for CEVA twice a week for years. What is happening is amazing. While waiting at the park, I started to chat to the artists and I've been taking a close interest in their work. They seem so small on the lift platforms compared to the size of the walls they are painting."

"I started walking around the park in my breaks, which I didn't used to do before. The contrast in styles is really amazing, they are so different. It's exciting to see these works gradually coming to life."

Six of the eight works planned for the site have just been completed, and the other two will be finished over the next few weeks, culminating in the first ever open air gallery of urban art based at a logistics park. This is a real source of pride for Prologis Italy and our customer CEVA Logistics, which operates at Prologis Park Lodi.

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