Closer Than Ever to Customers Thanks to the Customer Experience Team

New organizational structure designed to improve the customer experience, allowing us to follow them more closely and promptly respond to their needs.

Our main goal, in addition to providing technologically advanced and sustainable logistics real estate, is to constantly improve the range and quality of the services we offer our customers. This is achieved thanks to a team of talented professionals who proactively engage with them on an ongoing basis.

With the aim of developing ever closer proximity to customers and ensuring increasingly efficient management of our relationship with them, Prologis Italia has inaugurated a new organizational structure called the Customer Experience Team (CET). It is a framework created to guarantee customers rapid and effective support. The new model is based on the creation of two interdisciplinary work teams: the Real Estate Team & Customer Experience Team. The first is based in the Milan area while the second is spread between Bologna and Rome. 

Each Customer Experience Team is a vertical collaboration between Claudia Montanari and Fabio Cotroneo’s property management department and the project management department led by Davide Rosina, with Rossana Pinato and Giacomo Gambaiani. The organizational change affecting every country in which Prologis operates bears witness to a cultural transformation that leads current property and project managers to take on a different role than in the past and also requires us to understand and respond to new customer needs. For this reason, property managers are changing their title to Real Estate Customer Experience Managers, while project managers are being redefined as Construction Managers Operations, to emphasize the responsibility of working closely with the customers' properties.

We are also supplementing each team with a dedicated facility manager. In doing so, we are internalizing an extremely important function that was previously outsourced. We are therefore pleased to welcome Filippo Paris, an engineer from Bergamo who joined our team a few days ago with responsibility for Prologis properties in northern Italy.

The Prologis Customer Experience Teams can also count on the support of three horizontal roles: leasing entrusted to Marco Colombo, centralized administrative management provided by Maria Paties, property data and billing manager and cross-team support to the Real Estate / Customer Experience Coordinator assigned to Margaryta Hnatenko.

The new organizational framework will allow employees to fully express a number of their key attributes, in particular empathy and curiosity, allowing us to move in an increasingly "customer centric" direction. This is also an important step in the development of future projects, such as PARKlife

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