Prologis PARKlife: Your tailor-made logistics park

Building on the strength of our international experience, we are developing also in Italy a new logistics park model called "PARKlife", which not only focuses on the logistics needs of customers, but also on the personal and well-being needs of their employees. 

PARKlife represents a paradigm shift that aims to transform the logistics park from a workplace into a real community. This is why our logistics parks are increasingly being designed as small urban centers where you can find a range of services to enrich your workday: from public transport to shops, from leisure activities to opportunities to meet people.

For us the idea of sustainability expands and embraces the concepts of usability and livability of spaces: the warehouse is no longer an empty space where you go once in a while, but a place where an increasing number of people spend a lot of time and that is increasingly surrounded by other similar places. Through PARKlife we rethink the logistics park giving it a new organicity by integrating those additional services that can ensure logistics sustainability not only from an environmental standpoint, but above all from a human and social one

PARKlife: from logistics centers to tailor-made services

With PARKlife, we take care of everything that is important to our customers, so that they can devote their time to what is most important: their business. 

That's why we provide them with our Property Management teams, who proactively take care of all functional aspects: building performance or maintenance, reducing energy consumption, maintaining technical systems, safety - or simply having coffee together. 

Our clients benefit in particular from the FM Portal, a digital tool developed by our teams that allows them to better plan and monitor the maintenance of their buildings. As they know better than anyone what can help them, we always listen to them to create new services that meet their needs.

Attractive workplaces

Well-being in the workplace is an essential element for the success of any company and is one of our key values. Our parks and buildings, built and maintained to the highest standards, are designed to be attractive, pleasant and bright environments that meet the growing needs of employees. 

To support the business of our customers and their employees, we bring together all the services they may need: on-site catering, transport solutions, access to recruitment and training companies and much more.

We also carefully design outdoor areas accessible to everyone, with recreation and leisure areas, playgrounds, safe walking paths, health trails or cycle paths, where employees can relax. 

To facilitate employees' daily arrival and departure to and from the parks, we work with the local communities to set up shuttle buses or public transportation services, and offer other programs to travel smarter and greener using the latest technology, including specially developed Apps. Special attention is also paid to electric mobility thanks to specially installed charging stations.

Parks integrated with local communities

Our vision of PARKlife is to think beyond our parks and offer something more than just walls. Operating from a Prologis PARKlife park means being part of a community, both inside and outside the park. 

We act locally, taking into account the specificities of each park, to create connections and find areas of cooperation for the benefit of all. We want to facilitate the connection between our parks and local communities, by promoting local shops and  service providers and by recruiting local labor.

It is the men and women who live, work and are successful in our parks who create communities and bring the concept of PARKlife to life. 

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