Come and discover the biggest open air gallery of urban art ever installed in a logistics park, anywhere in the world. After partnering with CEVA Logistics, Prologis Park Lodi will soon open its doors to urban art lovers - or anyone curious to take a closer look at this art form - by booking a free guided tour. Click here to book your ticket:

The tours will take place on Saturdays 16 and 23 October, and 13 and 20 November. There will be morning and afternoon slots at 10:30am and 2:00pm, with a maximum of 20 places available. The murals on display feature the work of eight internationally renowned Italian artists and cover more than 40,000 square metres of external walls.

FONT, HITNES, MADE 514, MACS, SEA CREATIVE, JOYS, VESOD and ETNIK are the artists involved in the project, who, coordinated by the art director Enrico HEMO Sironi, have created the works. Although different in style and interpretation, they form a tightly woven dialogue providing a unique window on the best urban creativity currently being produced in Italy. The theme running through the works - aside from the keywords that Prologis and CEVA Logistics gave the artists as inspiration - is the relationship with nature, which is highlighted by the presence of vertical gardens within some of the works and the connection with the surrounding environment.

The open-air urban art gallery is part of the philosophy developed by Prologis and called PARKlife™. PARKlife™ represents a paradigm shift in the development of logistics parks by Prologis, which aims to focus not only on the needs of its customers but also on those of their employees. The goal is to think of the logistics park more and more as a place of socialization, a small urban center where it will be possible to find a series of services that enrich the working day: from public transport to common areas, from possible leisure activities to meeting opportunities.

In Italy, Prologis decided to launch the pilot project in Lodi, in partnership with CEVA Logistics Italia. In addition to the urban artworks, which help to make the park more attractive in aesthetic terms, we are upgrading the green spaces through the addition of tall plants in a range of colors that rebalance the spaces and the environment, thereby creating a natural dialogue with the new artworks. Further color will come from the introduction of flowerbeds planted with a mixture of perennials, while grassed areas and dedicated picnic areas and services will be provided for people based at the park, as well as those using the logistics platforms, such as lorry drivers.

What are you waiting for? Come and see the urban art at Prologis Park Lodi.

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