Prologis accelerates its use of sustainable energy in Italy

For more than a decade now, Prologis has been focusing on sustainability through its CSR policy and ESG objectives.

In terms of environmental sustainability, the company has undertaken a raft of initiatives at a global level, setting itself increasingly ambitious targets. As an example, by 2025, our aim is to ensure that all our buildings have solar power systems with installed capacity of 400 MW - which will provide 80% of our customers’ electricity requirements - while equipping 100% of our facilities with LED lighting (compared with 42% at present).

One of the initiatives that will help to achieve this is the Prologis SolarSmart programme, which involves installing solar panels on all our buildings and transforming their roof spaces - which otherwise serve little purpose - into a sustainable resource.

The efforts to step up our use of sustainable energy are already under way at Prologis facilities in Italy. In Cornaredo (near Milan), we have completed a 450 kWp installation on a building leased to Raben SITTAM, in partnership with EON Energy. We estimate that this installation will generate power of around 470,000 kWh/year, which should deliver an annual CO2 saving of 305 tonnes. In Romentino (near Novara), we have installed solar panels on the DC1 building for our customer Pentair, also in partnership with EON Energy. This installation will generate an estimated 225,600 kWh/year, offering an annual CO2 saving of 147 tonnes.

We will shortly commence the installation of solar panels on the DC2 building for our customer FERCAM in Roma Tiburtina (close to Rome) and on the DC1 building for GRAMMA FARMACEUTICI in Fiano Romano (north of Rome), and we are in the process of completing an installation on the Tiburtina DC1 building for Esselunga. At Prologis Park Piacenza, we are installing solar panels on more than 40,000 square metres of roof space, which will generate 450 KW of electricity for use by the DC1 and DC2 buildings. This new installation will represent an addition to the solar panels already installed on DC3A, DC3B and DC5. Elsewhere, our recently delivered urban logistics buildings in Milan have been equipped with solar panels that will generate enough energy to power the internal facilities and external lighting systems.

These installations represent an acceleration of our commitment to sustainability in Italy and will be accompanied by other initiatives, such as the replacement of existing lighting set-ups with next-generation smart LED systems, which will provide major energy savings.

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