Filippo FM

Prologis' new organizational model in Italy is based on the establishment of two interdisciplinary teams, the Real Estate & Customer Experience Teams.

These teams were created to strengthen and make even more efficient the relationship with customers and to constantly improve the range and quality of services offered by Prologis to the market. The first team operates in the Milan area while the second focuses on Bologna and Rome. The team operating in Milan is now strengthened with the entry of Filippo Paris as Facility Manager. Filippo, 36 years old, will work alongside Claudia Montanari, Real Estate and Customer Experience Lead, Director, and will follow the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities of over 20 properties in Northern Italy.

The entry of Filippo, a graduate in construction engineering from the University of Bergamo, allows Prologis to internalize an extremely important function that in the past was offered through outsourcing. Filippo has 14 years of experience in the construction, civil engineering, and production sectors, where he has held various positions for companies operating in Italy and abroad.

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