Solarsmart Piacenza

Our commitment to the full sustainability of our logistics buildings in Italy continues at full speed. 

In Piacenza, a new SolarSmart system has just gone into operation, capable of producing 350 kilowatt of electricity. The photovoltaic panel system installed on the DC5 building, the first of our new logistic park development in Piacenza, has been designed to meet the specific needs of Geodis. The customer occupies 22,500 square meters of logistics space and with SolarSmart is able to cover 80% of its elctricity needs. Thanks to this installation the DC5 building is about to receive the LEED® Gold environmental certification.

Thanks to a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere of 140 tons per year the new photovoltaic system, which took three months to install and activate, contributes to the sustainability goals of both companies.

The new SolarSmart system, the cost of which was entirely borne by Prologis, is in addition to the similar system put into operation in September on the DC3 building and capable of producing 400 kilowatt of electricity. Thanks to these two plants we are now able to reduce CO2 emissions in Piacenza by about 300 tons per year.

We have also set ourselves the goal of installing SolarSmart photovoltaic systems on all buildings at Prologis Park Piacenza by the first quarter of 2021, thus contributing substantially to the achievement of our environmental sustainability goals.

"We are particularly proud of the speed with which we are convincing customers throughout Italy about the economic opportunity and environmental sustainability benefits of installing SolarSmart systems," said Claudia Montanari, Real Estate and Customer Experience Lead, Director of Prologis. "Thanks to SolarSmart and our ambitious energy efficiency program, which includes the renovation of the lighting systems of all our buildings with LED technology, we will be able to significantly reduce our CO2 footprint.

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