Urban Art: Prologis Park Lodi reopens its doors to fans of street art


Free guided tours of the urban artworks at Prologis Park Lodi are up and running again, with visits available from 11am to 2pm on 4, 11,18 and 25 June. This is an exclusive opportunity to discover the nine monumental artworks created by internationally renowned Italian artists ETNIK, FONT, HITNES, MADE, MACS, SEA CREATIVE, JOYS and VESOD at the first open air gallery of urban art ever installed in a logistics park, anywhere in the world. Book your ticket now at Eventbrite “Prologis Urban Art: guided tours of our open-air gallery of urban art

The urban artworks embellish the façades of the park's buildings, and although different in style and interpretation, they explore the common theme that is the relationship between man and nature, weaving a close dialogue between themselves and the surrounding environment and delivering an extraordinary panorama and absorbing snapshot of the best urban creativity active in Italy.   The itinerary designed by the art director Enrico Hemo Sironi creates a rhythm and cadence in the forms and concepts, leaving those who visit with a sense of a fresh identity and renewed spirit, the result of getting lost and finding themselves among new colours and shapes.  In addition, the open-air gallery features vertical gardens installed within the works by #Etnik and #Vesod that link the artworks with the surrounding environment. An audio guide is also available to provide visitors with information about each artwork.

Prologis partnered with CEVA Logistics on this pilot project for Italy at Prologis Park Lodi. The goal is to disseminate a new vision of park design, promoting a paradigm shift in the way we imagine and think about these areas. This new philosophy is embodied by the company's PARKlife™ concept.

To find out more about PARKlife™, click here.

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